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Microfoundry Lost Wax Casting System

Image of Microfoundry Lost Wax Casting System


New lost wax casting system developed to enable jewellers and model engineers to easily cast their designs in silver, gold, brass, bronze, and copper. The lost wax casting of precious metals dates back to Egyptian times but can be bulky, dirty, expensive, and time consuming, so putting a lot of folk off. The Microfoundry was developed to make lost wax casting as 'doable' as possible. Requiring just 1M of bench space, and little prior knowledge, the microfoundry uses a domestic microwave oven as a heat source as they are readily available, affordable, and non intimidating, hey if you can cook a pie you can melt a crucible of silver with microfoundry. It really is fun, honest, pleasetake a look at the photos and video clips on our facebook page

The Microfoundry system contains a metal melting furnace, a wax burnout furnace, sprue plate, investment flask, 2 crucibels, safety equipment, and enough materials (wax, investment powder, BR10 casting grain, flux etc) to do your first several melts, and full instructions.

We offer support by phone, email, or post, and as a new year offer if you would like to arrange to pick your microfoundry system up in Coventry we will be pleased to provide a days free course to make your first silver casting.